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Dear EAGLE College Prep-Maryvale Parents and our Maryvale Community,

I am excited to continue to serve as principal at EAGLE College Prep-Maryvale. Prior to my role as principal, I served at EAGLE-Maryvale as a classroom teacher for 3 years and Dean of Students for 3 years. My previous experience as a classroom teacher for 10 years has deepened my belief that every student has the ability to reach their full potential in academics and character development. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Ashland University and my first master’s degree from Marygrove College and my second master’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Educational Leadership.

At EAGLE-Maryvale our staff is dedicated to increasing each scholar’s academic success by holding our students to high expectations through our rigorous curriculum. EAGLE stands for Expecting Academic Greatness with a Loving Emphasis and that is exactly what our team does every day. We strive to support our scholars in the development of character virtues such as responsibility, diligence, integrity, justice, and self-sacrifice. It is our school goal to ensure we keep our promises to families by providing a high-quality education for each scholar.

At EAGLE-Maryvale, we set goals with our students to ensure progress is made in their academics. Our teachers are provided with professional development opportunities to develop their skills to ensure we have the best teachers teaching your children. In our classrooms, you will see collaboration between scholars, discussions, small group instruction, and individualized computer software supports being used to support your child’s academic progress. We use several different assessment tools to regularly gather data to develop appropriate lesson plans that are engaging and allow your child to meet or exceed their academic goals.

I am grateful to be a part of the incredible team of staff, parents, and students and I look forward to a successful school year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 602-638-0820 or julie.verlei@eagleprep.org.


Julie Verlei

Principal EAGLE College Prep-Maryvale